Turning Wind into Gas

Can a car be refueled with wind energy? Can renewable energies help us to become more independent from natural gas imports and produce more environmentally friendly electricity and heat? Even when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining?

Yes. We are convinced that all of this is possible already today. Therefore Siemens, The Linde Group, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and Stadtwerke Mainz together developed the “Energiepark Mainz”. In this project, environmentally friendly electricity from wind energy will soon help to produce green hydrogen. Hydrogen is a diverse source of energy that can easily be stored. It is predestined, for example,  as clean fuel for cars, for gas heating as well as for power generation in modern power plants.

Which possibilities arise from the so called “Power-to-Gas”-process?
What are the opportunities and limits of this technology?

These questions will be answered within the joint research project, which is well underway.  On this website we will inform you about the project process and all important aspects of “Energiepark Mainz”.

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